Marathon, TX

Made the big hop (245 miles) from Uvalde to Marathon, TX today. Marathon is a very nice little town way out in west Texas. We pulled into the local RV campground which is part of an old very well maintained motel. The rooms at the motel are little adobe duplex cabins which are scattered around the property. The RV section is behind the cabins.

I decided to check out the FIT and found that the battery was dead. The FIT manual suggests that if you are going to be towing for an extended amount of time that you should pull the fuse for the radio. I had tested the FIT battery before we left Dothan by leaving the key on and turning off the radio, which only leaves the clock running, for several days and there didn’t seem to be a problem. Well as usual the book was right. Now the problem was how to get the battery charged. I went to the office to see if I could borrow a battery charger as there was no place in town to purchase one. The lady at the desk didn’t have a charger but three little old ladies from (south of ) Pasadena, California, were checking in and offered to loan me their battery jumper cables. They assured me that they knew right where the cables were, on the bottom of all their luggage. We went and helped them find their room and unloaded all their luggage from their mini-van and sure enough there they were right on the bottom of the pile. Now we needed another vehicle to jump from so back to the office. The lady at the office brought her truck around and we got the FIT running and charged up the battery. You have to stand on your head to pull the radio fuse but we got it pulled.

So much for advanced planning and testing.

Moral: Read the book – then follow it. (Because those little old ladies from California might not be around).

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