Stillwell Ranch & RV Park

Today we were going to make the last step to Big Bend National Park. Before leaving Marathon we had lunch at Johnny B’s old fashioned soda fountain. After lunch, while walking back to the coach, we stumbled upon the Burnt Biscuit Bakery. Going in to check it out we found the standard Texas bakery operator standing at the counter wearing his 10 gallon hat. We inquired as to what was good and he advised that the fried pies were unusually good. In fact, he assured us that if we bought one that our “stomach would be thanking our mouth”. With a recommendation like that we bought a bag full.

We were advised that the summer is the off season for the park. They told us that there would be very few people in the park due to the severe heat. When we finally got down into the park we found that the temperature was 110F and the high that day had been 113F. Once you get to the park entrance it’s 50 miles to the campground. We were still concerned that there might not be a campsite for us as the park only has 25 sites with hookups and we didn’t want to have to drive another 50 miles back out to find a campground. We learned that there was only one other RV park in the area and it was on the road just outside the park entrance so we elected to stay there for the day and check out the park with the FIT.

Linda called ahead to make sure that they had room for us. The lady who answered the phone advised that “There is nobody here it’s so hot. If you come I’ll probably give you a hug when you get here”. When we arrived at the Stillwell store the lady there asked if Linda was the one who had called and Linda said that she was. The lady ran up and gave her a big hug.

This is the picture of the road to the Stillwell ranch. It’s six miles straight ahead. This was definitely going to be real Texas camping. And it was.

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