Rio Grande Village

The lady at the Stillwell store told us that she was the granddaughter of Hallie Stillwell who, with her husband had been ranching pioneers in this part of Texas. They originally ranched over 200,000 acres. I don’t think they do any ranching now just run the RV park and store. The ranch still consists of just under 10,000 acres.
In 1916, her grandmother, Hallie Crawford, went to teach school in Presidio, just across the Rio Grande River from Ojinaga, Mexico, which had been recently captured by Pancho Villa. She was paid $60 a month and they gave her an additional $15 per month hazardous duty pay because of the dangerous outlaw activity in the area. She carried a pistol with her at all times and slept with it under her pillow. In 1918 she married Roy Stillwell and moved to the ranch and was soon involved in ALL ranching activities. In addition to her ranching activities she raised 3 children and died in 1997 just shy of her 100th birthday.
While at the store we overheard a phone conversation the granddaughter had with someone inquiring into the accommodations. She explained to them that she had some really old trailers which were one step above a tent, which meant that you were not sleeping on the ground.
We found that the campground at Rio Grande Village, in the park, only had about 5 campers so we cranked up and drove the 50 miles to join them. Rio Grande Village is not a village but a store with two gas pumps and a campground. When we arrived there the humidity was 17%, Temp. of 104F and the heat index was 101F. There was no radio, no TV but somehow there was WiFi operating out of the store. The gas pumps were so old that when you went to get gas you had to double the price because the display couldn’t go past $1.99. Regular gas for the FIT was $1.57 per gallon ($3.15).
These are some pictures of the road leading down to the Rio Grande Village. The last picture has some green in it and this is where you will find the river and our camping area.

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