Downtown Santa Fe

Headed downtown to check out the old city. Parking downtown is mostly on the street with parking meters that have to be reloaded every two hours. This requires the old parallel parking maneuver. We drove around until we found someone pulling out of a spot and executed the parallel parking maneuver flawlessly. Boy, was I impressed – my wife, not so much. After all, we are driving one of the smallest cars in town.

Many of the buildings in New Mexico are of the adobe style of architecture especially the downtown portions of Santa Fe.

The Spanish laid out the city according to the “Laws of the Indies” town planning rules and ordinances which had been established in 1573 by King Philip the II. The fundamental principle was that the town be laid out around a central plaza. On its north side was the Palace of the Governor’s, while on the East was the church that later became the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Francis Assisi.

The Palace of the Governors is not much to look at but, constructed in 1610, it is the oldest continually occupied public building in the U.S.

Palace of the Governors

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