Telluride, CO

We had originally planned to leave Ouray and camp out a few days in Telluride. Unfortunately, Telluride has no campgrounds.

Ouray is only 10 miles northeast of Telluride, but due to the severity of the landscape, the drive is about 50 miles.

Telluride sits in a box canyon. Steep forested mountains and cliffs surround it. Bridal Veil Falls is at the head of the canyon. Numerous weathered ruins of old mining operations dot the hillsides.

We found Telluride to have a little different approach to visitors than many of the other towns we have been in that depend on tourists. The folks at the visitors center encouraged us not to park downtown but to park in the free parking area that the city had for us. The city also has a small public transportation service which is free and would pick us up at the parking area and take us anywhere in town. you can walk from one end of town to the other in about 15 minutes but the bus was handy when the thunderstorms arrived. There is also a free gondola which connects the town with its companion town Mountain Village, Colorado at the base of the ski area.

We had lunch at the La Tapatia Taqueira which was a taco wagon parked on the side of the street downtown. It came highly recommended. The fish tacos were great.

While we were sitting on the curb eating our lunch we noticed that you were allowed to park in the middle of the street. We also noticed that artists are allowed to stand in the middle of the street and paint.

Mountain Village above Telluride

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2 Responses to Telluride, CO

  1. DebC says:

    WOW!! Love these pictures too!! Awesome 🙂

  2. RL says:

    Wow!!! Love the first picture especially!!!!!

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