Rocky Mountain National Park

Today it was mostly overcast with scattered showers moving through the area. Even though the weather wasn’t so great we decided to head into the park and see what we could see. Elevations in the park range from around 8,000 ft. to the highest point on the park road of 12,183t ft. When you get up to about the 11,000 ft. point you are above the tree line and into the tundra. At the higher elevations we stopped to try to get a picture of some elk and it was drizzling a little bit. After I took my pictures and was headed back to the car it was hailing. When I got back into the car it started snowing. One thing I did learn is that standing out in a hail storm does tend to sting a bit.

At the higher elevations in the park there is still quite a bit of snow. Even though it was kinda cloudy and overcast we did get to see quite a few animals.

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