Denver Area

City of Golden

Our Campground in Golden

City of Denver, Colorado

We got the root canal taken care of yesterday and all went well. So today its back to tourist type of activities.

We found another scenic byway on the outskirts of Denver in the mountain foothills. The Lariat Loop. The Loop consists of routes which were part of several of the “scenic circles” developed and promoted by Denver in 1915-1920s. It is part of a park system which is owned and maintained by the City and County of Denver, this historic system was launched in 1910 and required Congressional approval (in 1914) for the city to purchase lands outside its municipal limits.

“The Lariat Loop is a 40-mile route where you can retrace the motoring adventures of the early 1920s and experience the thrill of foothills exploration at the dawn of the Age of Motorcars. Colorado’s first gateways to the mountains still have sharp curves, winding roads, spectacular views, and waysides to refresh and delight the traveler.”

The loop begins with a 5-mile road from Golden up the front of Lookout Mountain to Buffalo Bill’s Museum and Grave. We took most of the attached pictures from Lookout Mountain. In the parks on the byway there is supposed to be buffalo living there but we couldn’t find any. To be as big as they are they sure can hide well.

One of the parks which the city operated here in the foothills is Red Rock Park which has been built in to a huge outdoor amphitheater. I took a picture of the stage

Red Rock Park

Red Rock Park

and if you click on the picture you can see Denver out in the distance.

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