Yellowstone Park – 2


There is quite a variety of wildlife in the park and it is wherever you find it. When anyone spots some wildlife they immediately stop (hugh traffic jam) so that anyone coming has ample time to admire it.

We even found some pelicans that live in the park and hunt fish on the rivers.

The park is also the natural habitat for the trumpeter swan. We saw a couple but I was never in a position to get a picture.

The park warns you time and again the danger of approaching wildlife like bison (they don’t call them buffalo anymore, the proper term is bison). While we were in the park some lady got too close and the bison attacked her and managed to throw her into the air before someone could distract it.

We came upon a huge traffic jam looking at a herd of bison in a field and we decided to turn into a heavily wooded picnic area on the edge of the field to get a better look. We didn’t know that part of the herd were already in the parking area. I have seen bison in the zoo before but when they are suddenly standing next to my car in the wild they are very very large. Linda kept saying to get closer but all I could think about was if one of them ran into the car it would fire every airbag in it and we would spend the rest of the day trying to figure out how to get out of the car.

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