Kremlin, MT

Big Sky Country

Today we headed out to Kremlin, Montana, to visit our friends Ed and Judy Fallo. Kremlin is located on the north side of US Highway No. 2, the northern most east-west route across Montana known as The Hi-Line. At the last census the town had a population of 126. Most of the towns on the Hi-Line are built on the north side of US-2 between the highway and the railroad. This part of the state is also referred to as the Big Sky Country because there are virtually no trees and you can see nothing but wheat and sky in all directions. Ed and Judy live two miles north of Kremlin. I took a picture from the railroad tracks in town and you can see their house two miles away in the group of trees on the  left of the road.

Ed pastors the Baptist church in Gildford, Montana, 10 miles west of Kremlin.

Rattlesnake in Residence

Rattlesnake no longer in Residence

Eddie was showing me some of his uncompleted projects when we ran into an uninvited guest in his shop. A local rattle snake had moved in and we were unable to persuade him to leave and it didn’t seem like a very good idea to let him move into and among the stored wood and such so we had to hunt him down. He turned out to be four feet long and had 9 rattles on his tail.

Rattlesnake hunting is not my favorite past time, but looking at old cars, now that’s another story.

1941 Ford

1941 Ford

Fallo homestead two miles down on left.

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