Havre, MT

Havre is a town of 10,000 located 20 miles east of Kremlin. It is the largest city on the Hi-Line and the eighth largest city in Montana. It even has a Wal-Mart.

Havre Underground Sky-Light

Havre Underground Sky-Light

“Small grids of purple colored squares can be seen in some of the sidewalks in the downtown area (on the north side of the city). These are skylights for a sort of underground “mall” built in the city at least a hundred years ago. Throughout its history, this underground area has been host to a brothel, a Chinese laundromat, a saloon, a drugstore, at least three opium dens, and rooms used for smuggling alcohol during Prohibition. When fire destroyed Havre’s business district in 1904, “legitimate” above-ground businesses joined the illicit businesses operating in the underground while the new brick buildings were built in the streets above. The underground area, now designated “Havre Beneath the Streets”, currently operates as a small tourist attraction.”

Located in north central Montana, Havre was incorporated in 1893. It was founded primarily to serve as a major railroad service center and it continues to serve in this capacity today with its location midway between Seattle and Minneapolis-St. Paul. They have on display the largest steam locomotive that I have ever seen.

Soda Fountain

Bar Room

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2 Responses to Havre, MT

  1. Tami says:

    I hate to correct anyone but, Havre is 20 miles EAST of Kremlin

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